Traverse Magazine essay: The Blanket

I published an essay in the May 2016 issue of Traverse Magazine.  We took the kids out back several nights last summer. Spread a big blanket in the yard, a huge fuzzy one from the flea market in Buckley. I picked it out after seven years of not picking it out. Read more here:

A Night at the Mall 2

It was a Saturday night in February. It had rained for two days, leaving the snow hard and ugly. We had just finished a game of Sorry in which someone (me) had tossed the board into the air before it was over. The cat was howling at the back door to go out. She had just come in. The dog was following me room to room and wedging herself under my feet wherever I sat. In a nutshell, we were all coming down with a […]


Girls Who Love Cookies

Our kiddos got a taste of the business world at our February GTW Luncheon. Nelson, age 11, and Brook, age 10, set up a table to sell restaurant coupons as a fundraiser for their 5th grade trip to Leelanau Outdoor Center (LOC). We enjoyed watching our two mini-entrepreneurs try their hand at business, and they learned a few things along the way. This is how it went down: The Presentation Their booth was simple. White tablecloth, handwritten signs (with only one misspelling). They were going […]

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A true transformation

My sister and I had our own personal transformation in October. Our kids begged us to do “Screams in the Dark,” a huge attraction of haunted houses out at the Northwest Michigan Fairgrounds. My answer was immediate: “I’ll wait in the car.” Kerry, however, made a play for Cool Mom: “Let’s ALL go!” “Really?” I seethed. “Really!” Kerry answered with too much gusto. But when the night arrived, there was a problem: The guys were out of town. This meant we would have to be the frontrunners […]

Scared and scareder.

The $5 bet

The trip to Bronner’s was a long time coming. We had talked about taking the boys to “The World’s Largest Christmas Store” in Frankenmuth since they were born. Now, with the oldest 13, we finally made the trip. But our foray into the Christmas wonderland was not without a few mishaps. First, we were forced to make our jolly way downstate, a full three hours, through glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures, not exactly the weather that gets you into the holiday spirit. The kids wore […]