TRUMP: Euchre game means business

We won a euchre tournament the other day. One we created out of thin air. My sister and I hadn’t played in years. Some 20+ years to be clear. We used to play on the 1-hour ride home from middle school every afternoon and had, in fact, been the champs of Route 131 (and queen nerds too). But this time, we didn’t let on to the guys, our worthy opponents: Tim and Jeff. We played it cool. What does this have to do with career? Plenty. It was the ultimate model-sized business. Business Plan Like most businesses, we started with no plan at all. We just went bounding into it with a pan of brownies and a bag of chips. When […]

Kandy & Kerry, champs

Basketball skills in middle school

My son, Kendall, played his first basketball tournament last Saturday. It was thrilling, crushing, exciting and exhausting. And he’s only in 6th grade. And I’m talking about me. It’s my first year of school events where they actually keep score. And it was a tiny sweat-filled drama that stretched out the length of a Saturday. Foul! I was a fine, calm, courteous spectator at the start of each game. However, when we got down by 2 points and someone on the other team double dribbled, I was gripping the seat of the metal folding chair, wedged into the small gym at West Middle School, and shouting out the call. In my head, very loudly, without saying a word, leaning forward, […]


Diet Makeover – Green Fruit Smoothies

Green Fruit Smoothies. They’re all the rage and there’s a reason why: They’re fantastic. Why have we waited so long to start drinking them and using high-powered blenders to do so? We are now consuming 2 cups of spinach, a handful of kale, 2 cups of peaches, 1 cup of pineapple and two bananas a day. It’s a bona fide diet makeover. Our bodies are happy. We are happy. The guilt is gone. They are delicious. And, bonus, there are great side effects: The checkout line Do you know how good it feels to check out with four pineapples at once? You can’t help humming to yourself, waiting for the world to notice the amount of goodness on sale 2/$4 […]

Cliff jumping

We went to Lake Placid, N.Y., for our family vacation this summer. On the first day, we stopped into High Peaks Cyclery for the sidewalk sale but left with a plan to jump off a 20-foot cliff. “You’ll wanna hike from Copperas Pond trailhead,” the guy at the shop said. He was a lean, mean cycling machine. “Take your swimsuits. You can jump off cliffs into the lake.” The children stood wide-eyed with hope. “Absolutely!” I said, trying to be cool just long enough to leave the shop with some dignity. I took a map from the man. Good news—there were 10-, 20- and 30-foot death options. We weren’t out of the shop before the kids started howling with excitement. […]


The Kids Table at Thanksgiving

We ONCE SPENT an entire Thanksgiving Day convincing our cousin Derk to say “sh!t” during grace at the meal. Xmas 1977, sisters KERRY, LORI & KANDY What could be more deplorable than cussing during grace? Nothing, so we set about the task. Derk was five years younger than us, prone to cussing anyway and so the perfect front man. We can remember this as possibly the worst thing we ever did growing up. Yes, we were that good. We would never dream of swearing during grace. Our parents would never believe we were capable of even suggesting it. Therefore, it was fail proof. Derk would garner our undying admiration, we would derive a vicarious thrill, he would be grounded until […]


Reject a Hit: Runny Babbit

I’m so excited to have another piece published in Writer’s Digest this month! It’s their back of the book column named “Reject a Hit” where they ask you to spoof-reject a famous book. This was a fun one to write. I spoof-rejected Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein. My husband Tim suggested it while we were driving to the U.P. for the Fourth of July and it was too irresistible. Instead of enjoying the views of the Mackinac Bridge, I was writing and giggling in the passenger seat with my notebook. Pick up the November issue of Writer’s Digest to read all their great articles (it’s my fav writers’ mag)! Here’s my piece (with text below). If you […]


10-Day Smoothie Cleanse, plus a bag of Whoppers

I decided to do the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. It involved blending spinach and kale and fruit. I felt confident I could trick my taste buds into consuming what my dad calls “rabbit food.” I could do this. For 10 days. And eat nothing else. For 10 days. I recruited a friend to do it with me. For 10 days. 3 days, tops. Day 1: I realize my blender has a “smoothie” button. (Had previously only been acquainted with the “milkshake” button.) I make the first smoothie with a lot of show, fingers running about the recipe with authority. I can feel my cells plump with nutrition. Spinach is consumed. Sugar is not. I walk around with a cocky air […]


The Health Benefits of a Brewfest

We came across a delightful new workout in August: The Microbrew & Music Festival. We highly recommend it. Alas, we know it seems at odds with our early morning bike rides and late evening runs. But it turned out to be the perfect complement to the many health benefits currently sought by these 30-something women. So it began: We collected our friends in our vehicles and set out into the night—without children of any size or shape. We immediately did what we won’t let them do: turned up the radio and waved to strangers at stoplights. It was our warm-up. We were feeling stodgy and stiff from a summer of providing constant maid and chaperone services. But tonight was different. […]

Back 2 School Shopping

Strike a pose. I love back-to-school shopping. I have two boys who claim they hate it. But this year, something magical happened under the spell of loud music in a fitting room. The day started when I gave the command: “Wear shorts and crocs, something easy to kick off.” This is almost, but not quite, an invitation to the beach. The outfit signals fun in the sun while their eyes signal JC Penney’s coupons. They are confused but compliant, unsure of why this feels like a good time already. We hit the mall. They are 9 and 11. At this age, the teenage life is perfect bait. We enter stores we’ve never tread for them before: American Eagle, Aéropostale, The […]


AuSable River Canoe Marathon Feeder Recap 2014

Smiling! The last feed! The AuSable River Canoe Marathon is done for another year and we had a great time of it. My husband Tim and his partner PO placed 15th, out of 83 teams. It was a long and grueling night and the boys finished happy. The feeders went from panic to elation every 2 hours and also finished happy. The 120-mile race is considered America’s toughest, richest canoe race and referred to as “The World’s Toughest Spectator Race.” 9 p.m. – The start:A double rainbow dawns as the teams line up to start. They line up in the street and must sprint, carrying their boats on their shoulders, to the river and put in. Hearing and watching over […]