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  • Playing Luigi

    Feeling nostalgic one night, my boys brought their Mario Bros. Wii game out of retirement. I was delighted. Back when they were little, I would play tournaments with them and wasn’t half-bad. I was all-bad. All four of us decided to play. My husband, Tim, was a yellow toad. Nelson, age 13, was a blue […]

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  • Why a wine tour is right for you

    So why exactly would twin sisters who’d only tasted Boone’s Farm up to about five years before, decide to host a wine tour every year, sometimes twice a year? The bus ride, of course. We are sure you hated the bus ride in school. We sure did. But did you know you can reinvent your […]

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  • The Magical Note

    My husband Tim spent an unseasonably warm October hunting, scouting, stalking and, ultimately, not seeing many deer. The final verdict: The deer weren’t moving. So, one morning, on a whim, I left a little sticky note for him on the mirror. I wrote, “Get a big buck!” Simple. To the point. And magical, as it […]

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  • The Finish Line

    The idea was to go to a mountain bike race in Marquette, MI. Just the two of us. My son Nelson, age 12, and I. It would be his first “big” 10-mile race and the first weekend trip for just the two of us. Of course, a few conditions were placed on the outing. We […]

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  • Rogue Comedian

    Well. We always try to come up with a story to tell at the beginning of each GTWoman event. But lately we’ve been lamenting that we are recycling  stories. At the ripe ol’ (business) age of 14, we realized we’d become such astute businesswomen that we no longer screwed things up, thereby extinguishing our source […]