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  • Train hunting in Traverse City

    A train comes through Traverse City a couple of times a week, at most. For rail fans, that isn’t enough. And my son, Nelson, age 12, is a major fan. For two years now, we’ve tried to get a glimpse of the train. He wanted videos, pictures, the whole package to post to www.railfan.com. Then, […]

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  • Black Friday Shopping Fiasco

    The boys wanted to go Black Friday Shopping. It was music to my ears. I had spent the last decade bribing them to shop with me (soft pretzels, Hot Wheels, you know the gig) but had never really made any headway with them. After growing up shopping with my mother, then losing her, I was […]

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  • Pokemon Goes and Goes!

    I heard Colleen Wares on WTCM Newstalk 580 talking about Pokémon Go on the radio a week or so after it came out. She was looking for answers. I had answers. In the form of my 13-year-old son, named Kendall. I emailed her. I was going on the next day for GTWoman, but did she […]

    10-Day Smoothie Cleanse, plus a bag of Whoppers

    I decided to do the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. It involved blending spinach and kale and fruit. I felt confident I could trick my taste buds into consuming what my dad calls “rabbit food.” I could do this. For 10 days. And eat nothing else. For 10 days. I recruited a friend to do it […]

    Back 2 School Shopping

    Strike a pose. I love back-to-school shopping. I have two boys who claim they hate it. But this year, something magical happened under the spell of loud music in a fitting room. The day started when I gave the command: “Wear shorts and crocs, something easy to kick off.” This is almost, but not quite, […]