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  • Pokemon Goes and Goes!

    I heard Colleen Wares on WTCM Newstalk 580 talking about Pokémon Go on the radio a week or so after it came out. She was looking for answers. I had answers. In the form of my 13-year-old son, named Kendall. I emailed her. I was going on the next day for GTWoman, but did she […]

    Gardening with kids

    Best flower. Ever. In celebration of spring… here’s a little piece on trying to garden with children that I wrote back when the kids were smaller and drove me madder…. The only way to get any gardening done is to do so under the guise of a game. This is a fine line. Be careful […]

    Happy the Cat Goes Camping ~ a story

    There’s a lot of things I like about this picture. A)   It reminds me that spring will come again. Look at that green grass, I could eat it about now. B)   The handle of the Nerf Gun sticking out of the backpack. Did he take that to school? Because that’s a one-year expulsion, dude, no […]

    Falling asleep in the minivan Part 2: Too cold vs. Too hot

    Too cold: This is when the children fall asleep on the way home in a blizzard. It’s induced by the extraordinarily long commute where every driver ahead of, beside you and coming at you is a nimrod. In my case, I am a nimrod as well, leaving extraordinarily long gaps between me and the guy […]