My sister and I have come up with a few text acronyms of our own lately. Here, we offer a twist on the old (new) favs:

ARA: Accidentally Reply All. This is when an email has come in cc’d to about a million people, and we find the nerve to reply to the original message (dicey!) but just to each other (this is a critical step in pulling off the joke). The reply is something sarcastic and career-ending in a normal tone, complete with professional, friendly sign-off included.
The key is to make the email look so legit that we shock the other into thinking for a split second that this IS in fact the response we just “replied all” with.
ARA is a real boon for the slow days at the office. There’s that split second of fear after hitting send when you think, “OK, ok, I really just sent it to Kerry, right?” and in the next second, the exhilaration of a phone ringing with an enraged sister on the other end.

Please note: This is a very poor idea because it comes with the inherrent danger of, in fact, ARA to about a million people who now want to know what your problem is.

AFBA: Accidentally Facebook All. The trump to ARA.

WTF: Way Too Far. This commentary goes for everything you might use the more vulgar WTF for but in a more sisterly fashion. It’s used not in anger but more in the way someone who loves you wants to remind you that she sometimes hates you and that others should hate you too.  (i.e. In response to well-played Accidentally Reply All, she may reply “WTF” in an affectionate, begrudgingly impressed way.)

WUR? Will U Respond? Our in-house GTWoman favorite. This is also known as passing the buck. When we get an email  about something outlandish, it’s a game to see who can forward the email to the other fastest with a very, very, very casual “wur?” noted at the top. Sometimes we’ll make the additional note “RUN.”

OMG: One More Girl. This is how our events get sold out, and then some. We are famous, famous we say, for squeezing in OMG at every event. About 20 times. So if you’ve ever been to a luncheon where you watched us eating our meals standing up, or sitting in a corner in a random chair, with a plate balanced on our laps, it’s because it’s an OMG kinda day. And we are especially proud of those kinda days.

LOL: Look Out Lads. This is more of an out-on-the-town kind of acronym. Used with sickening excess in Chicago.

BFF(N): Best Friend For Now. Our new favorite. This phrase is applied whenever some great grievance happens within a friendship, and we begin to analyze where and if this relationship is going anywhere. BFFN is a great diffuser. The grievance is immediately downgraded when we deem the offender a BFFN. This phrase takes away all expectations of perfection. We are cool again. Things were ugly there for a second, but hey life is short and you shall remain a best friend for now.

BTW: By The Way. We use this in its traditional sense but we like to hang it on shocking statements. BTW, you’re fired.

FYI: For Your Information. Again, used traditionally. But is FYI ever really necessary? It’s the equivalent of an email eye roll. i.e. “I told you this already. Twice. Yesterday. FYI.”

SOL: Sh!t Out of Luck. OK, we just HAD to put SOL in here because — newsflash — this is nothing new, people. Our dad has been verbally texting this since before car phones came in bags.

We wish you all a great Holiday season with all your BFFNs and we hope your Santa  goes WTF and you aren’t SOL this year!