My bike dresser

I created a Bike Dresser last fall – I emptied an old dresser in the basement and put all my bike stuff in it. It’s been AWESOME to be able to find everything in one little spot. My shoes, my helmet, gloves, tools, everything went in the drawers. I am also putting my ski goods in it for the summer.

This dresser was nothing but a junk collector. I had thought its prime had passed but I have bestowed upon it the glory of holding all the things I love. I encourage you to go to your basement (or your parents’) and resurrect some lost piece of furniture with drawers that barely open and fall off the track that’s witnessed your childhood dramas.

Things I emptied out of the dresser: a photo in which my hair was taller than my face, a wicker basket lacquered with dust, and a Turd Bird from Montana circa 1985.

I kept the Turd Bird.

Today I’m heading out on the roads again but get the treat of having the company of a friend! I hate road riding because we can’t talk as easily bc of traffic. But the sun is shining and there’s a little score to settle from last year when Jake beat me by something like 17 seconds in the Iceman.