The Chicago Report

We had an awesome GTWoman Chicago trip in November. It was our 10th year. We had 160 women, 3 buses and 1 very, very old man on a dance floor. It was a weekend to remember, to say the least.

We would meet Hugh hours later.

There we were, about 10 of us, all over age 40, on the dance floor of a nightclub filled with 20-somethings. It was the Hangge Uppe, straight from the esteemed list of “Top 10 Dive Bars in Chicago.” It was about 1 a.m. and the place was packed shoulder to shoulder. We were weakening with age and just starting to make an exit back to our cozy hotel rooms and PJs… when he walked in.

Tweed suit, a wool cap, short, very short, and walking, precisely across the room.

Instantly, the floor opened up.

Without a word, a woman stepped up to dance with him.

He was a smooth operator. And the women were all begging to dance with him without his even saying a word. With each lift of his hand, another dance partner appeared.

[fruitful_dbox] We were on this in an instant. [/fruitful_dbox]We surrounded him with glee, egging-on the dancing. He slowly worked his way through the GTWoman ensemble and we got the lowdown: 92 years old, widowed and in control.

One of the gals in our group, Wendy, was in the midst of dancing for Swingshift and the Stars, and finding someone who actually knew the old dance steps was a Christmas miracle. She practiced all of her moves with him as long as she could. Which wasn’t very long. He did, after all, have a roomful of women to see to.

We affectionately nicknamed him Hugh (Heffner). We like to think he was reported missing from an assisted living facility nearby and was living the dream.

Next, there was our friend Peg, age 72. While Hugh was working the young ladies, Peg was breaking hearts left and right with the young men.

The combo of the two dancing with the younger generation was a total, total crowd pleaser.

Kerry, the last of the GTWoman gang to get a twirl, was a clear foot taller than Hugh. And, upon parting ways, he gave her a kiss that landed, shall we say, south of the target.

All in all, it was the perfect example of how something always, always happens when you’re on a trip with friends.

And, as we embark on a new year, plan a 2017 weekend with your best friend or a gaggle of girlfriends. You won’t regret it. It’s a chance to relax, let go and goof off a little together.

Our next GTWoman Chicago trip is Nov. 10-12, 2017, and is already half full with brilliant women. Perhaps you’ll join us too! It’s a weekend you won’t ever forget. Especially if a 92-year-old Hugh Heffner wanders into it.

Happy New Year!

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