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  1. Congrats on your MyPheme post! That&#39;s so cool and those ladies are the best (as it happens, I just met them in NYC).<br /><br />And thanks for the sweet shout-out…<br /><br />Happy new year to you and yours!<br /><br />:-) Anna

  2. Hi Anna – I love your stuff!!! Happy New Year and thanks for taking the time to comment!!!

  3. P.S. And guess where I&#39;m headed now, ironically – off to use my BAM gift cert to get a certain Chicktionary I&#39;ve been wanting!!!

  4. Wow! What I would GIVE to be sitting with the two of you sharing Triangle Drinks and Stories – and most likely wearing something from out of my nose from laughing too hard!<br /><br />Anna &amp; Kandy, you are both so REAL and so Flipping Funny!<br />I am thrilled to be in the same sentence and bunking together over at Mypheme.com:)<br />xt

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