GTW Editorial: 2012 Resolution Repeats

Do you remember two years ago when we listed our 2010 Resolutions? Neither do we. So we thought we’d revisit them and see what 730 days of diligent behavior gets you:

 1. We will not wait until the last minute to write the editorial.
Not True. We fear the day the printer accidentally prints the initial draft of our issue where we send a blank editorial page with nothing but the word “Surprised?” written on it.

2. We will not promise everyone an article in the magazine and then have Kandy worry about the true space available.
Not True. Kandy still promises a story to nearly everyone she meets, even some she doesn’t. This behavior has become viral, like a YouTube video. So, if she promises you a story, can you gently tell her, “Promise nothing.” It’s the new motto around here and we’d like if it you could help Kandy remember it.

3. We will not wait to find something to wear to our own events the hour before we are to arrive.
Not True. In fact, Kerry found a silica gel pack inside her left shoe 20 minutes into a luncheon last month.

4. We will finally order name tags that are legible.
Not True. We gave up on nametags altogether. I’m Kandy, she’s Kerry.

5. We resolve, when asked to partake in a bowl-a-thon, to train for it.
Again, not true. We not only lost at raising the most funds this year in the BBBS Bowl For Kids Sake, we lost at knocking down the most of those little white things. We have put in a formal request that they consider Laser Tag For Kids Sake in 2012. We figure this would minimally allow for better photo opps. (Vests and guns, what’s not to like?)

6. We resolve to have more staff meetings.
Not true. We haven’t had a staff meeting in two years. Unless you count gathering once a month with our “staff” of 120-140 women, having lunch or wine with them. The more we think about it, our monthly GTW events are more productive than nearly every other meeting at every other job we’ve ever had. Turns out when no one’s looking, we appear to have a plan.

7. We will not bring work home with us.
Not true. While Kandy was typing this in her living room she was momentarily stunned by a Nerf bullet to the right ear. (Laser tag training not looking so hot.) Working from home has actually improved our quality of life, giving our children easier and more frequent targets.

8. We resolve to end each luncheon on time.
TRUE! People, do you see this? TRUE. Hallelujah we have met one of our goals! Wow, there is excitement unfurling here not unlike a parade.

9. We resolve to honor the Network Nite “after party.”
Another TRUE! Jackpot! So proud that we committed to more parties, the toughest resolution of all, and persevered.

Well there you have it. Two down, seven to go. We figure there’s no reason to write any more resolutions. At this rate, we’ve got another seven years of work in front of us. But never fear, when we are feeling weak and overwhelmed in the face of change, we will stand back and hold forth the strength and commitment we have shown in the last two years. In the New Year, we wish you the same.