MyPheme – Up and running!

My essay on “Running with the kids at home” was featured on today! If you cruise around their site you’ll see they have some downright outrageous to extremely funny on it. (Check out Tami Evans’s essay on “expectations” and Anna Lefler’s essay on mustaches!)

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  1. Congrats on your MyPheme post! That&#39;s so cool and those ladies are the best (as it happens, I just met them in NYC).<br /><br />And thanks for the sweet shout-out…<br /><br />Happy new year to you and yours!<br /><br />:-) Anna

  2. Hi Anna – I love your stuff!!! Happy New Year and thanks for taking the time to comment!!!

  3. P.S. And guess where I&#39;m headed now, ironically – off to use my BAM gift cert to get a certain Chicktionary I&#39;ve been wanting!!!

  4. Wow! What I would GIVE to be sitting with the two of you sharing Triangle Drinks and Stories – and most likely wearing something from out of my nose from laughing too hard!<br /><br />Anna &amp; Kandy, you are both so REAL and so Flipping Funny!<br />I am thrilled to be in the same sentence and bunking together over at<br />xt